Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Tally

The Final Tally.

For the required four layers I have entered:
Layer 1--A Men's Smock, handsewn, meets Hand Sewn Under Garment requirement
Layer 2--A Men's Trousers, handsewn
               A Men's Tunic, handsewn
Layer 3--A Men's Cloak, handsewn
Accessory--A Viking Hat

Extra Accessories:
1--Leather Tooled Axe Sheath
2--Amber and Glass Bead Necklace
3--Viking Leather Pouch
4--Pewter Brooch
5--Carved Drinking Horn
6--Unlevened Barley Buns
1--Leather Tooled Belt, Unfinished

Grand Categories and Sub-Categories:
1) Carving Non Wood-Horn, CA-H--Carved Drinking Horn
2) Carving Non Wood-Bone, CA-B--Toggles
3) Carving Non Wood-Stone, CA-S--Mold for Pewter Cast
4) Cooking-Baking, CO-B--Unlevened Barley Buns
5) Costuming-Accessory,C-AC--Viking Hat, Leather Tooled Axe Sheath, Amber and Glass Bead  Necklace, Viking Leather Pouch, Pewter Brooch, Carved Drinking Horn, Leather Tooled Belt
6) Costuming, Court Pre 1000, C-CO1--Men's Tunic, Men's Cloak
7) Glass-Other,G-O--Glass Beads
8) Heraldic Display-Garment, HD-G--Embroidered Devices on Tunic
9) Jewelry-Strung Jewelry, J-ST--Amber and Glass Bead Necklace
10) Leatherworking-Decorative, LE-D--Leather Tooled Axe Sheath, Leather Tooled Belt
11) Leatherworking-Functional, LE-F--Viking Hat, Viking Leather Pouch, Leather Tooled Axe Sheath, Leather Tooled Belt
12) Metalworking-Decorative, ME-D--Metal Rim on Drinking Horn
13) Metalworking-Casting, ME-C--Pewter Brooch
14) Metalworking-Raised Work, ME-R--Metal Rim on Drinking Horn
15) Metalworking-Cold Fabrication, ME-CF--Wire Netting on Amber Necklace, Metal Rim on Drinking Horn
16) Metalworking-Repousse, ME-RP--Metal Rim on Drinking Horn
17) Needlework-Applique, N-A--Tablet Weave on Men's Tunic
18) Needlework-Surface Embroidery,N-SE--Embroidery on Men's Tunic, Embroidery on Cloak
19) Textile Arts-Application, TA-A--Lucet Cord
20) Textile Arts-Woven,TA-W--Tablet Weave on Men's Tunic, Tablet Weave on Viking Hat
21) Textile Arts-Non Woven, TA-NW--Felted Wool on Viking Hat


  1. Congratulations! I wish I had been there to see your work in person!