Friday, January 13, 2012

50/50 Postings--#1, #2 and part of #3

Since I am officially now working on the 50/50, I figured here is a great place to keep a record.

My challenge to myself is 50 pieces of garb, with a minimum of two different types of embroidery worked. Can be big projects or small, as long as it has at least two types of embroidery stitches.

My first project: the Mammen Man tunic, entered in the ACC

My second project: the Mammen Man cloak, entered in the ACC

My third project: HRH Seans' Coronation garb, in progress.

Here are his sleeves on the under tunic:

A rampant gryphon, facing inward, above circular vines.
Worked in stem stitch and chain stitch.
The hem of the tunic will be hidden by more vines.


  1. I love your work! It caught my eye immediately during the ACC judging. Just beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming 50/50 posts. :)