Thursday, July 30, 2015

My latest crazy project. It took one year and two weeks to complete.
First layer: a linen self supporting kirtle. We patterned it to my body, made a mock up, tweaked it, then it was sewn. This layer was sewn by machine, hand made eyelets and Lucet cord for lacing.
Second layer: a wool cotehardie. This was worked completely by hand. I flat felled seams for added stability. I used raw silk for sleeve buttonhole interfacing. There are 17 button/buttonholes per sleeve and 100 going down the front. I love how it turned out!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

CeNedra's Homecoming dress

For those that missed the FaceBook album that Ray put up for me, here are some shots of CeNedra's dress as a Homecoming Queen candidate. She drew a picture and said "can you?" and 57 hours later we had this creation. Grin. She is still one of my best creations, but the dress turned out rather well. :)

It has a fitted bodice with decorative lacings along the front, emphasized by the white ribbon. Bodice and main skirt are hunter green brocade with sleeves and two overskirt layers in sheer black.
Under the dress she is wearing a very full petticoat (evil tulle--ugh) and hoops. She had to squish the sides of her dress in to make it through doors. Grin.

Decorative lacings on front of the bodice. I left the eyelets gold for flash. The eyelets along the back (how she gets in and out of the beast) I wrapped in black to mute the gold as well as adding more strength).

My favorite shot yet--with a "Squee!" and a giggle all dignity flew away as she twirled like a maniac. Grin.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project #17

I made an unlined white linen head coif. All seams were finished by hand in either rolled hem or I flat felled them. The gryphons were placed on each side of the coif and were made in gold linen and appliqued on by whip stitching a black thread along its edges. They stand about six inches tall. The feathers and details were worked in gold and black floss using the back stitch. The attached strings are a 4 card tablet weave made from white mercerized cotton.

It was a "made to order" item for the recently crowned HE Douglas, Artemesia's newest Court Baron.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project #16
Coronation garb for HRH Saige.

I worked a simple embroidery pattern along the cuffs and neckline of her gomlek. The fabric is very sheer cotton. The stitches used are the French knot, Laisy Daisy and then I couched gold metallic thread. The pattern is based off a documented Turkish design in her persona timeline.

Project #15

Embroidered gryphons with Artemesia's Crown and Wreath to be appliqued onto a linen fighting tunic for HRM Sean.

Gryphons were worked in chain stitch and back stitch on gold linen, then I applied WonderUnder then they were ironed on the black linen tunic, placed along the hemline facing each other.  HRM created the tunic and applied the gryphons to the tunic. I am hoping finished pictures come my way, but here are the gryphons before I handed them off to Sean. They are made from the same pattern we used for Coronation garb, only these are bigger.

I also made for this same tunic the Artemesian pile that is found on Kingdom devices. It is triangular in shape, with the Laurel leaves surrounding a crown. This was also worked on gold linen, using chain stitch and back stitch. It was applied by HRM on the chest of the tunic, so the point of the pile separates the gryphons slightly.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I need to make a correction to the previous post.

Projects #11 and #12 are HRM Nisa's underdress and cotehardie.
Projects #13 and #14 are HRM Sean's tunic and cotehardie.

Must be careful...this is part of my 50/50. Grin.