Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Here are some more pictures of HRM Nisa's outfit for Crown Tourney.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Projects #8 and #9

For my project #8 and #9, I am making cotehardies in a royal purple to be worn with the gray set seen in #6 and #7.

I worked a set of parallel white lines in stem stitch along the bottom hem. Along the outside of these lines, a set of burgandy chain stitched lines were worked. Incased in the "border" I worked in stem stitch gold "S"s separted by a burgandy French knot. It is a very simple design, but it really makes the hemline pop. The colors compliment the embroidery on the gray nicely. Unfortunately, the phone takes crappy pictures--it is really purple fabric!

The outfits will be seen, worn on our Glorious Monarchs at Crown Tourney.

Project #7

HRM gray tunic

His cuffs: Ducal Strawberry leaves in worked in a burgandy stem stitch. I used black thread and worked an outline stitch used in blackwork to accent the stems. I also worked a gold running stitch along the hemline.

His hemline: I worked a similar 5 card weave for HRM hem--he got Frowny Faces. Again. I could NOT resist. :)

Project #6--Completed

HRM Nisa's gray underdress.

Her sleeves: Tudor Roses worked in stem stitch in burgandy and black. I did not like the look of the tablet weave on her cuffs, so I worked a running stitch in gold to brighten it up.

Her hem: A narrow, 5 card tablet weave, worked in gold and white. Smiley faces. Couldn't resist.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project #6

Project #6

An underdress for HRM Nisa.
Very simple embroidery on the cuffs: a 3 inch Tudor Rose worked in red and black stem stitch with french knots for the center "stems".

It will also have a very narrow tablet woven trim worked in white and gold along the hem on the sleeves and along the bottom hemline.