Saturday, December 31, 2011

Viking leather pouch

    I was led to this article written by Sighni Ivarsdotter at the website that discusses a leather Viking pouch found in the Hedeby finds. The article is titled "Embroidered Viking Pouch" and is found at under the link with the same name. She has an amazing collection of embroidery ideas for this pouch if made in cloth.
    The origional pouch was made in a poor quality leather so she made hers in felted wool. I liked the idea of a leather pouch so I went back to the original idea and did it that way. However, I choose to use a higher quality of leather to make it nicer, prettier and more fitting of a Nobleman.
    I worked this pouch using white deer skin from Padruigs' leather stash. It has a finish on the leather, so I was not able to do a painted/stain design as was my original plan. It is a very soft and supple leather that is very pleasing to look at. Even plain it still is nice as well as being a functional and useful item for any man to have on his belt.

The inside view of the stitching. I used a stitch that in these modern times are called a saddle stitch. It is a very secure and sturdy stitch worked by using two needles basically doing a running stitch from both sides, crossing in the same hole, at the same time. Sounds complicated, but it isn't really. I can show you at the event since I need to use my hands and the blog makes that difficult.

                                                                                                 Up close view of the same seam.

The lacing along the top of the pouch, used to close the bag. I used a chocolate brown leather lace as my drawstring.

A more distant view of the pouch. I left the strings long enough to not only secure the pouch closed but to also be able to tie it to Padruig's belt.

   The finished Viking leather pouch. The next one I make will be bigger since when I showed Padruig, his first words were, "I have a new dice bag!"

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