Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leather Belt

    You see it in every picture of medieval age replicas. In movies. On the History Channel. In museums and in paintings. In articles dicussing 1000 year old digs and finds. At SCA events.
    It has always been around. It always will be. In some cultures, it holds up the pants. In most cultures, it is there to hold the sword, the pouch, the drinking horn. It is a place for a working lady to tuck the hem of her skirt to keep it out of the coals while cooking. It is versatile. It sometimes is colorful. In the SCA it has an extra meaning by what color it is--knights wear white, apprectices wear green, protegees yellow, and squires wear red. It can be made out of cloth, tablet or inkle weaves, rope, leather; whatever one has handy. It can have a buckle. In can have a simple "O" ring. Or no buckle or ring at all and is simply tied on.
    The belt.
   For my last entry into the ACC I have chosen to make a leather belt for Padruig to complete this Mammen Man replica I have created. I have made it using the same natural toned, undied leather that the axe sheath was made from, using the same chocolate brown lacing as the axe sheath and the same Double Loop edge weave. I opted to use the same theme to make it all mesh together, blending the tones to tie all items as one unit.
    I did add celtic knot leather stamps so they are evenly spaced up the part of the belt that hangs down in the front. They do not continue around Padruig's torso. I chose to use a small "O" ring as the buckle.

The lacing being used to attach the "O" ring, instead of metal rivets.

The edging of the belt, worked in the Double Loop method.

Flat side view of the Double Loop method.

The pointed celtic knot stamp at the front tip of the belt.

The square celtic knot stamp that is spaced down the front of the belt.

    This belt is an unfinished project for the ACC. The finished belt will have metal decorative conchos spaced between the celtic knot squares along the front of the belt. I plan to have it completed for 12th Night Investiture.

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