Friday, December 30, 2011


The outer layer of the cloak is 100% brown wool and the lining in 100% natural linen. The cloak is sewn by hand with the over sew technique.The motifs were worked in the same colors as the tunic--gold, pale orange, white and royal blue. The faces are a varient of what can be found on the Mammen Man Museum replica.

This is the style of motif found on the museum replica. I worked it as is first and did not like it. I found it too busy and cluttered. I took out the small Squidward faces and realigned the hand/vines and worked the cloak with those. There are ten motifs on my cloak, five per front panel.

I worked the faces in the blue using the stem stitch that is favored on this project.

The hands/vines I worked in the chain stitch. I wanted different texures than was on the faces. I outlined them in the stem stitch. I love how the hands look like the joints of fingers.

The rabbit fur collar. This was my first attempt as working with rabbit fur. I like it more than the goat fur, but am not a fan of working with either. I love the warm and fuzzy effect though.
I shaped some deer antler tips to use as the two toggles that close the cloak. This was my first attempt at working with deer antlers. I really like the finishing touch it gives the cloak. The Mammen Man cloak uses an elaborate weave of silk to close the neck. This would be another variation I added for personal taste.

Another view of the rabbit fur neckline.

I used the over sew technique for the cloak as well. Here is a shot of the lining lining.

I am very pleased with the finished look and comfort of the cloak. Warm enough, but not overly so, and very nice looking.

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