Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    I am still alive. I am still working on the project. I was just sidetracked royally by buying a house, moving into house and then 10 days of house guests. Sigh. Happiness is that I started back on Padruig's tunic Sunday evening. Finished the two side seams (flat felling them) and started on the chain of "faces" that "drape" over the shoulders and down the front and back of the tunic. By themselves, the "faces" were a bit creepy and odd. After adding the leaves between them, they look a little better. I then set the tunic down and stepped back a few paces to look and WOW. The entire look is neat. :) Pictures are coming. At the rate I am stitching, the "chain" will be done by Sunday night and start on the under tunic.

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