Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have pictures! :)

All the stitching is done in the stem stitch, including the fill-in. The "faces" are worked in the same royal blue as before and the "leaves" are worked in white, pale orange ,medium brown and gold. There will be 60 "faces" when the "chain" is complete. I have thus far completed 21 of them. A third of the way done. Yay!

I admit I was very worried when I had just the "faces" done. My son asked me why I was stitching Squidward from Sponge Bob on Padruig's tunic. :) They were a bit creepy.

The pattern for the "faces"
Mr. Squidward

You can almost make out the different colors of the "leaves"
The next step was the addition of the "leaves". They are grouped in three and are stitched at every joining of the "faces". The alternating color pattern of white, orange, brown and gold draw in the coloring of the "beasts" very nicely. They are worked in the stem stitch, then filled in with same stitch. They are still a bit odd looking, but much better with "leaves" than plain. Not so much Mr. Squidward anymore. :)

Front shoulder by neckline
And then I set the tunic down and stepped back a few paces. Wow. Ok. Maybe they were on to something here. The wierdness of the "faces" and the strangeness of the "beasts" work very well together. The "chain" makes the colors of the animals pop and draws the eyes to them. It is a very stunning effect and dresses up this snazzy tunic quite a bit. Who knew?!

Back view with the "beasts"

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