Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I really need to learn how to post the pictures. I am very happy with my gores and seams and I want to show you. (grin)
However, so far in Week 2:
I measured my honey, did that evil math stuff and cut out the tunic. It is a birka style T-tunic, square neck and keyhole, and since he wanted it full, it has 8 gores. Hand sewing is going very well--6 gores attached, neck hole has interfacing sewn in and hemmed, and sleeves are attached and raw edges are felled. Side seams will wait until last so I can lay it out flat while embellishing. I am also not going to add the tablet weave around neck until embroidery is completed, which will begin today. The tunic is made with a beautiful scarlet red linen, trim is royal blue and white birka weave, and embroidery is gold and medium brown entertwined leaves that circle the neck and shoulders.
If you google Mammen Man, you can see my reference pictures since I am having issues being outsmarted by the computer. (sigh)

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  1. What ya struggin' with the picture upload for kiddo? I could probably talk you thru it. Do you have the pictures on your camera/phone/computer?