Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here are some photos of the tablet weave I will use on the tunic around the neck. I plan on doing a second weave of similar pattern for the leg garters. (In the Mammen photo, he is wearing 2 different weaves, same pattern) The extra lengths of weave will be put on an apron dress for me that will have same embroidery so we can be a matched set. (say together--awww)

The weave pattern is called the Birka Pattern. I call it the Weave Pattern from Hell. I had a full page of notes telling me which cards to turn at what sequence--and that was needed for only 8 rotations! It was truely evil to work. Normally, I can work a 170 inch weave in 3-5 days, once it is set up. This particular weave took me 3 1/2 WEEKS to work 140 inches. Birka weaves were used a lot for burial shrouds. My thought is that it either took the lifetime to complete, so the only time they could wear it was at their funeral, or my favorite, that the gentleman wore the weave and wasn't careful and damaged it--forcing his lady to kill him in her anger.

Displaying the backside. You can see the page of instructions.
The front side and the pattern of the weave.


  1. I've always thought tablet weaving was awesome, but I never got to try it out.
    I got to a point in SCA crafts where if it didn't have to do with my persona, or Sal's there was no point in my trying it right now because I have too many other pursuits that take my time.
    Your trim however is lovely!

  2. this is gorgeous trim... i just did my 1st one and it was a simple 4 forward 4 back... and i still messed up... can't wait to see it in person