Saturday, August 6, 2011

     Happiness is finding a picture of my inspiration that I can cut and paste here. Woo hoo! So here he is, my Mammen Man in his glory. Now you know why I was so stoked to do this. Very pretty garb, he has. Unfortunately the snazzy embroidery on the back of his tunic cannot be seen. But don't worry. I have learned to use the picture making device of the computer. Hee hee hee.
     OK. My project for my project today was to recreate the embroidery on the sleeves. By using the link where the embroideries of the Mammen Man are blown up and sketched out, I lay tracing paper over computer screen and traced. Then, using a lightboard, I transfered the tracing to my fabric where the embroidery will be. That same website discusses the stitches used (stem stitch mainly), the suspected colors from find and also the colors the museum used when re-making the garb for their display. I opted to use the colorings the museum used since I really liked the effect. The picture is the museum recreate.
    If you look closely you will be able to make out the leopard on our man's sleeve. This is a tweek moment. Padruig's arms have an eagle and a rampant dragon, so instead of the leopard, I am doing one of his devices on each sleeve. I am using the same color scheme the museum used on the leopard of medium blue, gold, pale orange and medium brown. I was able so far today to get the eagle finished. I am very hopeful that I will be able to get most of the dragon done today too. He will be in the same colors using the same stitches.

 I find it interesting that the blue looks purple and the fabric looks orange. Oh well.


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  1. What a great project!

    This album has some pictures of Tryggvar in his Mammen Man, and there are a few where you can see the back:

    Unfortunately there are none of him in the cloak, but perhaps he'll model for you if you ask nicely. :)