Sunday, June 24, 2012

Projects #11 and #12: Royal blue undertunic/underdress with embroidery on the cuffs and applique on the front panels with an aluminum colored cotehardie with embroidery around neck, sleeves and bottom hems.

The cuffs of the blue under clothes was a double line outline worked in chain stitch with circles worked in stem stitch. I used a thread a shade darker than the color of the cotehardies.

The applique was worked by Lady Perwyr of Arrow's Flight. I wanted to show off her beautiful work and give her credit for a very nice job. Her efforts made this garb go over the top on the Coolness Factor. HRM Nisa had a wolf head sillouetted on a moon on her dress (part of her personal device), while HRM Sean had a pegasus worked on his tunic (part of his household device). Both were worked in the royal blue and aluminum fabric, and stitched with a blanket stitch in white for accent. Unfortunately, my pictures did not save. I will have to beg some from TRM and add them at a later time.

The outer cotehardies were also matching, working the same pattern used on the sleeves--double lines encasing circles. A very simple yet stunning combo. I only worked a single line of chain stitch on the sleeves as a subtle accent of blue. All stitching was worked in a matching royal blue. I forgot to take pictures of the ensemble in its finished glory before handing it off to TRM. I am sure there are pictures of them on FaceBook--they wore this set to closing court of Uprising. Out of all of the sets I worked for TRM, this was my favorite. I really am pleased with the colors and the embroidery pattern.

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