Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project #10--Apron Dress

I decided Ray/Padruig can't have the only Mammen Man ensemble so I created this apron dress to wear when he wears his tunic.  The construction I used was two rectangles (front and back panels), sewn from waist to top edge only, leaving the sides open. It is based on apron dress found in Denmark--the same area the Mammen Man grave was located. I used a double herringbone stitch, blanket stitch and stem stitch for my accents and embroidery.

I did not want it exactly the same, so instead of embroidering the beasts and tree, I appliqued them. I worked a blanket stitch in white as the outline.

I also liked the acanthus vines, so they were added along the bottom. They were also appliqued and I used blue to work the blanket stitch for variety. The vines were stitched on a yellow panel added to the bottom of the dress. I made it this way for accent and color splash. The seam where the yellow and red meet has a line of pale orange stem stitch. The picture didn't pick it up well, but you can almost see the stem stitch along the seam. All colors used on Ray's tunic were then used on my apron dress.

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