Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project #15

Embroidered gryphons with Artemesia's Crown and Wreath to be appliqued onto a linen fighting tunic for HRM Sean.

Gryphons were worked in chain stitch and back stitch on gold linen, then I applied WonderUnder then they were ironed on the black linen tunic, placed along the hemline facing each other.  HRM created the tunic and applied the gryphons to the tunic. I am hoping finished pictures come my way, but here are the gryphons before I handed them off to Sean. They are made from the same pattern we used for Coronation garb, only these are bigger.

I also made for this same tunic the Artemesian pile that is found on Kingdom devices. It is triangular in shape, with the Laurel leaves surrounding a crown. This was also worked on gold linen, using chain stitch and back stitch. It was applied by HRM on the chest of the tunic, so the point of the pile separates the gryphons slightly.

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